Branding and visual language for Mivino; A small wine shop in Tel-Aviv specializing in Spanish wines from Castilla-La Mancha region.

Mivino aims at creating an actual change in the local wine market: a revolutionary economic model of small batch imports, that offers its community great wines for affordable prices.



Branding, Custom Type


The Brand’s social responsibility and agenda led to the creation of a custom display typeface drawing its shapes and proportions from the iconic typographic language of 1930’s Spanish civil war posters.

Custom Brand Font

The unique typographic characteristics of these posters were translated into a contemporary typeface that echoes some of that Spanish spirit and atmosphere.

The overall narrow proportions, The highly iconic stylistic features like the diagonal of the N; the open aperture of the C; the shape of the alternate S; and the defined diagonal curves in the letters A, V, W, Y, X, and Z.

Narrow Proportions

Diagonal Curves

Stylistic Alternates

OpenType Features
& Language Support 

Mivino Grotesque includes some OpenType features that allow more flexibility and control over those unique characteristics when using the font. The glyphs C, G, O, R, S, W, Ñ, and the Ampersand all have stylistic alternates and 3 discretional ligatures are also included.

Mivino Grotesque also supports special Spanish characters beyond the basic Latin character set.

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