Raanana Symphonette

Raanana Symphonette Orchestra


Branding, Custom Type

The Logotype

The orchestra’s unique inner tensions (located somewhere in between past & future, classic & modern, local & global, entertainment & education e.g.) were used as guidelines for designing a custom logotype, that aims at visualizing these tensions within its letterforms.

Custom Brand Font

The natural step forward was to further develop the logotype into a custom bilingual font that will act as a recognizable and memorable brand asset – no matter the format or platform.

Once the stencil style was completed, an additional full style was designed in order to allow a more flexible typographic usage.

Letterform Construction

Apart from very few exceptions, every letterform is constructed from 2 shapes with a compositional relationship between them. In each character this relationship is different, symbolizing the dynamic polarity of tensions in the orchestra’s DNA.

Letterform Construction

Both scripts share the same proportion of low contrast between thick & thin strokes, but traditionally opposite: The Hebrew script has thicker horizontal strokes, while the Latin script has thicker verticals.

The “gaps” within the letterforms also share the same proportions in order to compensate for the different optical perception of horizontals and verticals.

Visual Language

The different letterform elements were used to create a dynamic visual language that corresponds the brand’s tensions and polarity.

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