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We believe in type,
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So, what are we doing here and what is all this type talk?
How important is typography to a brand?
Who can benefit from a custom font?
And what are those custom fonts, anyway?

Brands, Type & Rock n' Roll

What We Do



Type-Oriented Branding is a process we developed, based on years of working with the best branding agencies Tel Aviv has to offer, mixed with a life-long affair with letters, language and everything in-between.

This end-to-end service includes all the classic branding aspects (market research, brand personality, visual language, and implementation) but with one major difference: The resulting visual language is always based on a unique, tailormade typographic solution.

From the logotype threw all key brand visuals – type is the main character, the brand hero. We believe that type is a brand’s most powerful and consistent asset, which makes it crucial in brand differentiation. With proper craftsmanship and vision, a distinctive typographic language can deliver any kind of message and drive a brand forward into recognition and success.

Who is it for?

Companies or brands with…

Global or multilingual distribution
Plans to enter new markets
Cross-platform presence
A range of products or solutions
Multiple client touchpoints
Large media spread

What's Included?

The process can include the following:

Market Research
Target Audiences
Brand Personality & Tone of Voice
Type-based Visual Language
Custom Font Design
Brand Implementation
Print Applications
Web Design


Custom Type

Besides the full branding process, we also provide custom type solutions for established brands and clients of all sizes. These kinds of solutions don’t need to be a part of an overall branding process. Custom fonts can be designed for a specific campaign or event or even derived from the brand’s existing logo.

Who is it for?

Established companies or brands looking to…

  • Expand the company logotype into a fully functional font
  • Design a custom font based on the brand’s existing personality, on a specific concept, or for a specific need
  • Add a language support or platform compatibility to an existing font
  • Create a custom typographic language for a seasonal campaign, a product launch or other on-going events
  • Create a custom lettering piece

Logo, color palette, graphic elements, photographic language...

Why Is Type So Important?


Distinct &

Arguably, type is the most distinguishable brand asset. Letterforms can be categorized and identified more easily then basic colors or shapes. If you’re given ten different shades of blue – chances are you won’t be able to point out the facebook blue. Moreover, most of the basic colors & shapes are already taken. Typography has the unique ability to be both distinct and familiar at the same time.



Type is an information carrier. If you can read the language – you can understand the literal content. Type is the vehicle of content and the content itself. The written information gets an extra layer of visual context. The look & feel of the letterforms, combined with the literal meaning they carry, allow for wider and more holistic communication possibilities.


Visual Constant

Type is a brand’s only true visual constant. Colors may vary depending on the medium/printers/screen calibration; the logo and key visuals are not always present. Type is the only asset that will consistently echo a brand’s voice through all client touchpoints.



The average reader can’t really explain why a certain font is familiar or pleasant. When the typography is accurately crafted, a reader can enjoy the act of reading and maybe even recognize the brand subconsciously. This process is inevitable. The same way you can enjoy music without understanding how it was composed or why it makes you dance.

“There are literally thousands of fonts out there...”

Why Custom Type?


Tailormade for a perfect fit

Whether it’s a language support, a specific character set or a platform compatibility – A custom font is designed from the ground up to fit the brand’s exact needs.


Ownable & Unique

Unfortunately, the majority of brands today are using Helvetica while trying to stand out. For the past few years, many brands realize the power of custom type as a unique brand asset.


Memorable & Consistent

When type is tailormade to fit a brand’s needs and acts as an ownable and unique tool – the result is a memorable and consistent brand voice threw all written communications.

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