Branding and visual language for Techworx, the technology division of Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, an investment firm based in NY. The visual DNA was derived from the relationship between the code and the human engineer behind it.

Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC


Branding, Custom Type

The Logotype

The initial idea behind the brand was to articulate both sides of creative code-writing: the high-standard technical side, and the uncompromising human qualities behind the actual code. The two letterform styles were constructed on the same grid-based skeleton.

Custom Brand Font

In order to communicate the brand’s core values across all disciplines, We extended the logo into a 2-style custom font that acts as a memorable, engaging and consistent brand asset.

Letterform Construction

Both styles share the same stroke skeleton but vary in curves and stroke endings.

Vertical & horizontal strokes share the same width in order to allow the combination of both styles in various ways.

Visual Language

We extended the visual language to include an icon set derived from the same dual perspective on code-writing.

The result is an overall strong and consistent brand impact.

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